• “Integrated Service Solutions”

    for Aviation & Industrial Sectors



  • “Integrated Service Solutions”

    for Aviation & Industrial Sectors



  • “Integrated Service Solutions”

    for Aviation & Industrial Sectors



  • “Integrated Service Solutions”

    for Aviation & Industrial Sectors



  • “Integrated Service Solutions”

    for Aviation & Industrial Sectors




From Ground To Air Professional Care!

Commercial Cleaning Services

We transfer the experience gleaned from cleaning in the most challenging environments – airports and onboard aircraft – to cleaning professional office buildings, warehouses, and retail establishments. We provide a full range of commercial cleaning services for these facilities, including carpet shampooing, floor stripping/waxing, restroom and hard surface intensive cleans. We partner with our customers to customize each assignment to meet their individual needs.


Passenger Services

In today’s world, air travel has become stressful for a lot of people. That is why we at Aviserv are dedicated to making each passenger’s travel experience a pleasant one.  We have the goal of providing exceptional personal service to each and every passenger we come in contact with. Many of the duties we perform involve helping individuals who are unsure of the check-in and security procedures or how to get to their proper gate. Our commitment is to not just meet the expectations of the passengers, but to exceed their expectations.

Unaccompanied Minors

Aviserv takes the responsibility of escorting minors very seriously.  Our employees are the point of contact for greeting unaccompanied minors traveling on our customer’s airlines.  They need assistance finding gates, making the right connections, and sometimes, just an experienced person with a comforting voice.  We realize that minors traveling alone may be frightened and confused and our goal is to help them with empathy and understanding, while maintaining safety and efficiency.  We want parents to know that their children will be escorted by a friendly Aviserv employee who will treat them like a family member.


We partner with airport authorities,  and local security agencies, commercial property managers, and individual home owners to safeguard people, companies, and property.
Securing aircrafts and other venues is of major importance. We take this responsibility very seriously and hold our team members to the highest standards. Prior to their hire, every applicant must pass a stringent screening process and thorough background check. Once hired, each member undergoes training that meets both our customers’ requests and government security standards.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to our vision of being able to provide the level of focused service required in all dynamic industries currently faced with competitiveness and financial pressure!

  • Open and honest dialogue with our clients
  • Immerse ourselves in clients values
  • Working in partnership with our clients
  • To develop the long term client relationship and serve as a trusted partner
  • To help clients work through uncertainly and help to make confident decisions
  • Help clients to build on success with innovative ideas
  • Market Research and understating of future trends within our chosen sector


We pride ourselves on connecting clients with the most  talented candidates in a diverse range of industries. We are experts in specialised recruitment and talent management; a unique blend in the market. Our psychometric assessments help scientifically determine the right fit beyond core skills and competencies for the culture of a client’s organisation. We believe people are the key element in our clients success and we strive for both client and candidate satisfaction.

Our recruitment process starts with you. We take the time to build a real understanding of your business culture and specific needs, looking at what makes you unique. Then, we fully assess all prospective candidates, benchmarking their calibre against your specific requirements. Eighty two percent of placements we make are with repeat clients, many of whom are happy to work on an exclusive basis confident in the work we do. We connect the most experienced professionals to accelerate the success of both candidate and client. Our promise to you is to provide a superior candidate for your organisation. It all starts with our commitment to deep specialisation in our core disciplines and industries. Our expertise comes from years of working side by side with aviation sector and in all the local markets we serve. We offer talent management and also have our own Research and Development team, dedicated to uncovering the best ways to attract, select, engage and retain talent. We work hard to dig deeper in the evaluation process than any other company.



  • Approved DFT GSAT Trainers
  • Approved BAA Fire Trainers
  • Members of Slough Chamber of Commerce
  • ISO 9001 Registered
  • Member of British Institute of Cleaning Science
  • Approved by the Gangmasters Licensing Authority
  • Approved by CAA for CRC / CTC Checks

Our Service Delivery

Service Delivery

  • Aviserv strives to deliver the safest and highest level of service at the lowest total cost to our clients.  We have enabled an effective and innovative approach to staffing by deployment of a mobile workforce technology.
  • Through this technology, our centralized dispatchers know where workers are at any given moment.  This allows us to track the productivity of each worker.  This innovative solution has matured, and it now enables up to anticipate peak operations and handle the flight delays that generate spikes in demand.
  • By anticipating our clients’ needs, we build to their profile and recruit the right people to meet these demands.


Safety is at the core of our culture. As an industry leader in safety standards and performance, Aviserv provides a structured and integrated safety program throughout all lines of service.

The Environmental, Safety and Health (ES&H) department works with regulatory agencies, clients and industry experts to design and implement best practices. These standards are supported through:

  • Focused Oversight: Quality Management (SQM) programs
  • Aligned Structure: SQM accountability
  • Strong Local Leadership: Maintain high     performance standards
  • We have developed a robust safety program which includes:
  • Documented policies and procedures
  • Regulatory compliance programs
  • Workplace hazard analysis
  • Hazard prevention and control
  • H&S training
  • Audits/inspections/observations
  • Accident/incident reporting and analysis

Despite the benefits of cost savings, client satisfaction and quality of services, the most important reason why we focus on safety is for the well-being of the people that work for us, with us and around us.


We are a “people company,” and as such, believe that to have satisfied customers, you must first have employees who feel valued and are recognised for exceptional job performance. All of our employees are chosen for their competence and commitment to service, and we also recognize that employee recognition and reward is also a key ingredient in our success.

Our reward systems are customized to motivate individual performance.

At Aviserv, we have implemented tracking of initial and recurrent employee training. Periodically, our employees are tested to measure the retention of their training. In order to assure retention of employees, we realise that the employees must be satisfied with their relationship with us. To that end, we establish a career path for every employee and give them the opportunity to grow professionally. As much as possible, we follow a policy of promotion from within as well as the opportunity for transfers.


At Avserv, we deliver exceptional quality services to our customers by going beyond meeting the minimum requirements. We have developed a comprehensive Process and Performance Management system which drives improved quality through transforming raw data into actionable information. The information for each line of service is rolled up into a balanced scorecard with root cause analysis and reviewed with key constituents, including:

  • Clients
  • Senior Aviserv management
  • Line of service experts
  • Local management
  • Front line agents

Aviserv is positioned to remain the leader in delivering the highest quality and value to customers through our ability to deliver:

  • Strong local management
  • Qualified and trained employees
  • Safety and training excellence
  • Standard process
  • Enabling technology
  • Performance management

The results of our programs are higher quality products, lower costs, data driven metrics and innovative solutions which provide value add to clients and consumers.

Our Business Partners


Health and Safety

The policy of Aviserv is to provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace, ensuring work equipment is safe and safe systems of work are provided for all our employees. Over the years we have develop a positive health and safety culture throughout our company, provide safe and healthy working conditions and safe systems of work because we believe that high health and safety standards are a pre-requisite in the pursuit of company efficiency and competitiveness.

All of our employees have a duty to ensure that they work in a safe manner and to ensure their acts and omissions do not cause harm to others in the vicinity. The Senior Management consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety; ensure the provision and maintenance of safe equipment; encourage the safe handling and use of substances where necessary for the completion of tasks identified within the job descriptions of our employees. We will provide our employees with appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision as may be required for their safety.


Aviserv believes a properly trained employee becomes more informed about procedures for various tasks. The worker confidence is also boosted by training and development. This confidence comes from the fact that the employee is fully aware of his/her roles and responsibilities. It helps the worker carry out the duties in better way and even find new ideas to incorporate in the daily execution of duty. Our well organized training and development program gives the workers constant knowledge and experience. Consistency is very vital when it comes to our company’s procedures and policies. This mostly includes administrative procedures and ethics during execution of duty.

By well structured Training and development programme makes the employee also feel satisfied with the role they play in our company. They feel they belong to the company and the only way to reward it is giving the best services they can.

We provide all the following training in-house, which is carried out by DfT and Heathrow’s  approved trainers.

  • GSAT
  • Aviation Security Level Two
  • Fire Training
  • Health & Safety
  • Customer Services
  • Aviation Security Level One
  • AAA Training
  • Food Hygiene Basic
  • Manual Handling


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Welcome to Aviserv Limited, as a service provider to many business within Aviation and Industrial Sections, we employ large numbers of staff on permanent and temporary basis. This means there is always a huge demand and choice of careers within our chosen industries. Below are some of the areas where we constantly employing staff to meet the ever rising demand within these industries.

  • Aircraft Groomers House Keeping staff
  • Security Agents Warehouse staff
  • Baggage Handlers General Operative
  • Customer Service Agents Laundry Workers
  • Lounge Attendants Met & Assist Agents
  • Drivers Train & Platform Cleaners
  • Administration Staff Operational – Managers /Supervisors

Diversity in work demands diversity in our workforce. As such, we adhere to an equal opportunities policy and work with the Employers Forum for Disability to make sure we get the very best people from all walks of life.