Three Day work week

But 3 days is for long weekends, not for the work week?! Wrong! As more and more millennials make up
the biggest slice of the workforce, many of them are opting out of the rat race and looking to become

It’s hard to break away from the traditional notion of school, university, and a desk job. But what’s
happening with our highly interconnected world (thanks to great WiFi, mobile data, and social media of
course) is that a humongous portion of the workforce is becoming self-employed, or freelancing, which
means working on their own terms.

This includes greater control over their working hours, which translates to a lot more time to kick back and relax. Ultimately, a well-rested mind produces much better work.

Work-life Balance Redefined
A lot of companies throw around this work life balance phrase around without really understanding what it’s about. A great company will ensure that their employees can EFFECTIVELY balance their
personal lives, alongside their work lives. It’s not an easy task if you’re working 40 or more hours a

In essence, a huge portion of time spent in a cubicle is unproductive, boring, and monotonous. It makes
a lot more sense to only be at work when you need to be. But that’s not how the traditional desk job
system works.

A 3 Day work week sounds great, but is it productive?
A whole lot more than your average 40+ hour work week, where you’re longingly looking across the
street at that café, or to take a spontaneous road trip to Surrey. Armed with just a part-time “job”, you
can bring in a full-time earning. The trick lies in being self-employed, where you call the shots to create
the perfect work-smart-not-hard week.

Okay sign me up!
Hold your horses just a sec, though.

1. Savvy financial planning

    a. Negotiate, don’t sell yourself short.

    b. Figure out what the right Work-life Balance is for you. Maybe working 3 hours every other day is productive for you.

2. Build or hone on your skill set

3. Arm yourself with some business know-how

    a. Time management

    b. Project delivery and record-keeping

    c. Portfolio creation (helps win potential clients)

    d. The art of working while you relax