Don't write your CV like this

Creating a killer CV is the best way to make yours stand out amongst a hundred other CVs your
potential employer (or their HR team) sifts through.

You want yours to be unique, and feel fresh. Recruiters have seen the same old droll resumes and will choose not to hire candidates with the following avoidable and easy-to-correct mistakes.


1. Obvious ones like grammar mistakes and typos
You’ll be forgiven for a spelling error here and there, but consistently making grammar mistakes shouts
to your employer that you haven’t put much thought into crafting a resume. If your language skills need
some brushing up, run your resume through a simple language and grammar checker, or even with a
friend who can check for mistakes in your documents.
Excluding certain jobs in industries like construction, maintenance, or cleaning, almost all jobs require
good language skills.


2. Words everywhere, and not a space in sight!
Although you do want to list out all details of your education, work experience, and skills, a CV is
not the place to do it. Brevity is key, and so is ensuring that your CV isn’t verbose. Jargon is no
longer in fashion, and companies are making the move to using regular language even in official
Make sure you have no run-on sentences. Break the monotony of all paragraphs by introducing bullet
points, headlines, subheadings, and keep it interesting.


3. Making a cookie-cutter resume
Customize your CV according to the job you’re looking at, or applying to. It doesn’t take much
effort, but will wow the recruiters. What an employer is looking for is a candidate that understands the
nuances of their industry or niche, and that you fully grasped what that means. Little tweaks in your
profile are all you need.

4. Not stating your results
How well you did, or are doing, at your current or former job(s) will give your potential employer a
glimpse of how you could be an asset to their company. Almost all CV state roles and
responsibilities, but not enough state the results as an effort of their work.

So go ahead and write a CV that’s sure to wow employers and give them a good reason to choose
you over other candidates!