Our History


At Aviserv, our unique heritage which goes back three generations drives our success today.

In 1976, B.S. Abdur Rahman (pictured) started the business as Modern Building Maintenance (MBM) in the United Arab Emirates with 13 cleaners and a strong vision to give job opportunities to people in areas of low employment.

Aviserv Founder B.S Abdur Rahman


Sadaq Jalal furthered the shared vision, growing the company from 600 employees in 1985 to 12,000 employees in 2013.

Since 2013, Ahamed Wadood and the team have taken the vision to new levels of success as Aviserv UK – we are now providing integrated services to a broad range of businesses across the UK.


Keeping true to our inaugural values, we have contributed to the Mosaic Network UK to support efforts which help young people from deprived communities to realise their talents and potential.


With the aviation industry as well as many others growing at an incredible rate, we are now looking to the future to find innovative and collaborative solutions to meet the increasingly complex needs of UK businesses.


Aviserv is honored to have been recognised by leading UK firms as an innovative facilities and people management service provider 

Aviserv overview

We are an UK based private company founded and led by a team of investors, managers and entrepreneurs. We have offices in the UK, UAE and India.